To Have An.
Everlasting Relationship.

With Clients

We provide the complete range of graphic design, web design, advertising, media planning and buying as well as public relations services to our clients

Guiding Ideas.
To Success!

Nth-X Solution

All our products are custom build for the purpose of YOUR project! We offer development services for many technologies. Let us help you build your idea with the most fitting technology into a great software!

Tools To Grow.
Your Business.

What You Desire

Nth-X Solution, a service provider setting out leading softwares that escalates a brand’s productivity and sales. We mainly focus on manufacturing and service based enterprises that foresee efficiency and systematic business approach.

High Quality IT Solutions.
Developed in Karachi.

Strive To Satisfy You

In this competitive era, the demands of potential customers have increased dramatically. No matter which business is it, there is a dire need for a remarkable online presence. If done strategically, it can bring a real boost in sales and help in gaining a competitive edge

About Us

We Provide What Clients Requeried

Nth-X Solution is a company that deals with computing, including hardware, software, telecommunications and generally anything involved in the transmittal of information or the systems. We are providing cheap hosting plans for newly established businesses, Website designing services, Software Solutions and Used/New Laptops.

Our Mission

We turn your idea into a complete product. All of our solutions are tailored to your needs, not boxed products. From the first meeting, until the end of our partnership, we will help you to fine tune your idea.

Our Plan

Different ideas call for different platforms. We are a diverse team capable of creating a solution for you on the most suited platform, let it be anything from web to mobile

Our Vision

No matter what project is capable of, if your users can't understand it, they won't use it. The goal of our approach is to create an easily understandable product by looking at the design through the eyes of the users.


Our services are a result of our highly talented team, extensive experience along with successful long-term relationships with clients. We offer various software solutions and other online services that are in line with industry-wide standards.

Website Designing

The goal of our approach is to create an easily understandable product by looking at the design through the eyes of the users. In every step of the design process.

Web App Develoment

We can help you to reach your target audience through the internet, with our experienced design and development teams!

Android & Ios App

you can reach the majority of smartphone users with your product. We can build unique applications, from scratch to satisfy your needs from basic shopping apps through games

Domain & Hosting

We are one of the best web hosting and domain providing companies in Pakistan. We offer the cheapest web hosting services.

Logo Designing

The #1 choice for company logo design. is a custom designed by the professional designers . No templates, original designs, quality guaranteed.

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Increase sales, onboard new users, and grow faster with powerful messages that deliver. Target the right people with messages that matter to create a personalized experience

Meet Our Team

Our team of 20 qualified UI/UX designers, developers, researchers and analysts can turn your wishes
into effective tools that will make your business better, bigger and more successful.


M.Awais Ajmal


You do not just wake up,
and become the butterfly


Farhan Aziz Umrani

Back-End Developer

I am a Day dreamer,
and a Night thinker


Faisal Javed Khan

Front-End Developer

Don’t tell people your plan,
show them your Results


Malik Junaid

Marketing Manager

You will never know,
i will never show